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Come join the chorus of the unimpressed.....

Now, to get back to the whole costume issue, what most irritates me is not the huge, pointless deal Elly makes about how her awful children are clearly rejecting HER when they reject her costumes. We know going in that Elly cannot help but see a criticism of what she does as a criticism of who she is because she's the avatar of a woman who thinks that if someone disagrees with something she's done, that person hates her. What most irritates me about the whole deal leads us back to something I mentioned earlier: the utter apathy others demonstrate when she tries to impress them. To be quite blunt, I do not think that the neighbors care in the least about her yearly attempts to impress them with how on the ball she is. Take, as a for instance, an attempt she made to impress a parade organize with how well she had Lizzie under control; the woman's response infuriated Elly because it implied that she, Elly Patterson, was some sort of horrible person who cared more about her own image than the feelings of her children.

Okay, I know. Too obvious. The problem is that Elly does so many things that she only thinks are expected of her and gets as much credit as she deserves. Her attempt to 'prove' to her parents that she wasn't going to let them down by becoming some old maid English teacher turned into the fodder for Marian's wistful comments about how she'd wished that our hero hadn't jumped the gun on this whole marriage deal and Jim's smarmy comment about how as long as Elly is happy with the direction she steered her life towards, that's all that matters. This sort of thing tells me that when the neighbours see the costumes Elly worked sooooooooo hard and put soooooo much thought into being worn by disspirited looking children, they shake their heads and mutter about the vain lunatic the dentist married.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family, elly versus the real world

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