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Justifying the pointlessly angsty: Why I won't miss Funky Winkerbean, Part Two.

As I've said in the past, Batiuk seems to me to have decided at some point that writing a funny, slice-of-life strip that helped people laugh at their problems is the worst possible thing that he could have done and is thus something he must atone for. I do not know when this odd thing happened but what I do know is that the man is very sincere about his belief that readers who (as he put it) want to bury their heads in the sand and laugh need to be woken up and shown how awful the world can be.

What he tends to lose sight of is that the people he seeks to do the inestimable favour of enlightening them to the world's troubles is that we already know how crappy the world is. He is thus less a teacher than a pontificating bore hammering us over the head with the obvious. What's more, he has to contend with what he perceives as the baffling ingratitude of those he perceives to be the oblivious. This means that every so often, a character will show up and grouse about all the flighty, silly people who want to laugh instead of trudging through a grim landscape filled with embittered people who've aged far before their time after enduring a life of unrealistic amounts of misery. The idea that people actually want relief from their burdens is something our boy simply will not admit to himself because of what seems to be his getting old and bitter in his own right; the end result is that the only people who still bother reading his mush are caustic critics who want to see what new depths of misery and pain he can subject his creations to this time.
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