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How to get a Patterson to help.

One thing I've noticed about the Pattersons is their overweening desire to have authority over other people even though they don't have the knowledge, experience or integrity to wield it. This is readily evidenced by Liz Patterson, Craptacular Teacher. Instead of being a true student of her wheelchair-bound mentor and being a firn but humane guide for the younger genration, she's a huffy, wise-cracking nitwit who lionizes a toady and treats other students like peons. What excuse does she have for the ruinous end result of her smug and oblivious failure to be anything other than a glorified baby-sitter? A variation on the following theme: 'Kids today will not learn.' She's not a failure! The kids are just bad.

This is also why Michael quit Portrait; Mr Gluttson rather unsubtly reminded the Noble Scribe that he didn't have final say over what went on at the magazine. Having been reminded he was answerable for his actions, Mike had no choice but to run off like a frightened salamander.

April is also affected by the need to race around yelling 'I'm in charge'; half the problem she has with Becky is that her hate-object had ideas of her own and didn't want to put her life on hold just because someone named Patterson didn't feel like agreeing.

Moira and Gordon have a relatively quiet life despite dealing with the Foobs because they've learned to make this work to their advantage. Since they know that John and Elly will only cooperate when they think that they're in charge, they let them spin their wheels and think they're really calling the shots.
Tags: failure is the only option, pattersons vs the world

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