dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The toilet perplex.

Now that I've explained why I am not overly upset at having to drop King Features's strips, I'd like to get back to something that's bothered me for a while now: Lynn's bizarre fixation with bathroom jokes. The current manifestion of her childish fixation with potty humor is the Grubberware arc. Most people would assume that we're dealing with her take on the Tupperware party but we're not; instead of having the woman come in and sell people on the advantages of her brand of food storage containers, the overly-cheery person is introducing revolutionary new ways to clean the washroom. Hell, they even hold plungers as if they're royal bleeding scepters.

This would be bad enough were her commode fixation not made manifest elsewhere; she seems to be fixated on the image of a dozy-looking white kid gaping in blank-eyed glee as he or she flushes an object downahole almost as much as she loves the image of panicked, angry adults dealing with clogged pipes. This allows her to not only giggle like a filthy-minded child delighting in the discomfort of her elders but to groan in agony because evil, chaos-loving child ruin their parents' lives because children are evil and love chaos and hate the idea of happy parents.

What this probably means is that if the strip had been allowed to continue, the Lizzie that yowled "I little" when being asked to not be a destructive idiot is currently baffled and angered because James Allen is, you guessed it, flushing objects so he can watch them circle down the drain. Much wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth will be done because a poorly supervised child is permitted to engage in the same stupid behaviour she did but, since she's the same sort of imbecile as Elly, has learned nothing from.
Tags: child rearing disasters

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