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Elly Patterson: failed model parent.

Last week's strip in which Elly had a big, nasty grin on her face because Annie finally admitted that trying to be a model parent was impossible and wrong got me to thinking about what it is about Elly that makes her so crappy a parent in the first place. Fortunately for us, Lynn has unintentionally given us evidence which can point us in the right direction. The strip that most clearly explains what Elly's major malfunction is is this little gem from 5 December 1982. What you and I see is a small, insecure child who wants a hug from Mommy because she needs to feel loved. What Elly sees is a leech who wants to keep her poor, put-upon Mommy from expressing herself because children are evil little strangers who want to suck their poor Mommies dry of everything and hate the idea of her being happy almost as much as they despise the very idea of being grateful for anything Mommy does. Simply put, when sensible advice that presumes that people aren't monsters out to destroy one another out of sheer malice collides with a mutton-headed narcissist's assumption that everyone is out to destroy her because she's too awesome for the room, common sense goes sailing out of the window at supersonic speeds.

What this translates to in plain English is that Elly gets a cheap thrill watching her friend admit a defeat that she doesn't see as being one. Just as Annie's main objection to working outside the home was that she didn't need the money, her deciding to not bother being perfect was less inspired by a need to not let her children be the boss of her but by the fact that it simply took too much time. Heh. Even when Annie is being not as devoted a parent as she was, she's still a better mother than Elly is. She doesn't get to fail at being a parent until she seriously takes up denying the fact that her treating Steve like a peon has driven him into the arms of someone less haughtily judgmental.
Tags: anne achronism, elly on her cross

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