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Attention must be paid.....

When you contrast how Elly must know on some level that she is very rarely a fair, firm, kind and loving mother with John's utter lack of any self-awareness as to how he is rarely kind to his family and demonstrates no sensitivity to or awareness of how those around him feel about his arbitrary and self-serving decisions, you have to ask yourself which of the two of them is the more destructive. You might think that it's Elly who is the worse parent but it's my opinion that John is a far greater hazard to those around him. This is because I believe that most of what fuels Elly's hostility and paranoia is his pathetic need to feel like a big man by undercutting and diminishing her. Were he not possessed of the need to build himself up by tearing her down, everyone would be immeasurably better off. (Of course, to do that, he'd have to be aware that he was the problem. He fears awareness for that same reason. It's like he's the idiot in the movie "Falling Down" who asks the cop how he ended up being the bad guy.)

It's a lot like how the Delicate Genius is a less destructive moron than Lizardbreath. Granted, Mike's introspection leads him astray for much the same reasons Elly's does but he is occasionally capable of realizing that the way he lives his life is making his life worse. Liz isn't any more capable of that than she is of noticing what's happening around her and is thus far more destructive. Look at the lives she's ploughed through because she cannot listen to herself and is genetically programmed to not see that the only person who can guide her destiny is her. All Mike did is marry a messed-up jerk with mommy issues and have two kids he's too stupid to know what to do with; he never defamed a three year old's mother.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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