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Connie's objections to objectivity.

So far in my look at the lack of self-awareness that plagues the characters, we have the Pattersons' collective lack of awareness that they're entitled vermin and Annie's inability to see that she was a know-nothing know-it-all. In today's essay, I revisit Connie Poirier so that I might contrast and compare her heroic self-concept with the depressing reality. Bear with me during the carnage.

First off, we have to contrast her constant hammering away at the theme that she doesn't need a man to feel complete with the fact that her sense of self-worth is dependent on having a man in her life. The primary symptoms of this near-stereotypical clingy, man-hungry neediness are the obsessive need to reinvent herself to suit whatever boneheaded scoundrel she's doing the dirty hula with at any given time.

This would be bad enough were she simply yet another clingy, needy weirdo who, while running her fool mouth about chauvinism, is emotionally dependent on male company to function. What makes Connie even more annoying is the sad fact that while joining Elly in boasting about being a wonderful. loving, responsible, generous, understanding mother she was Lawrence, she totally failed to see how her qualifying that by whining piteously about how her straight gay son will never find a girl, settle down and bring her grand-babies like he's 'supposed' to meant that she was nothing of the kind. But then, Connie had always been willing to throw the boy under the bus so she could chase after some repulsive asswipe. What's more, it's all on him because he's in the way of her happiness. The most aggravating manifestation of this tendency was when her homophobic asswipe husband (who still thinks of Lawrence's sexual orientation as a personal affront) turfed the boy out of his home because of his clear disgust at having a gay kid in HIS home. Connie, as we all remember, stood there feeling betrayed....by Lawrence. Sure, the Sainted Pattersons convinced the idiots to do what was right but still, Connie resents Lawrence for destroying her dreams.

Speaking of the loathsome sack of sludge that is Greg Thomas, I'd like to remind you of the shabby way Connie treated the man's children Molly and Gayle. We see a woman who barged into this idiot's life, yelled "Heil Hitler!!" and sweet-talked the dolt into uprooting himself and his children to a town where they didn't know anyone and got treated like crap for not approving of the nutbag Daddy was banging; Connie sees two children who hate her for no readily explicable reason. From all reports, it took them years to realize how messed up Connie was inside and they eventually learned to not let their resentment of an oblivious twit come between them and their father. Since Connie is stupid, she thinks that she won instead of being someone who was thrown a bone.

What this all means is that Elly's best friends are a day-dreaming tub of lard chasing after a phony perfection and a scrawny megalomaniac with delusions of adequacy; how odd then that someone who shows glimmers of being normal envies dysfunctional gits.
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