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Phil:"What's a nice spoiled brat like me doing in a place like this?"

Since most of the characters in the strip have no real idea that their self-image has very little to do with who they really are, it should come as no real surprise that Phil is also deficient in the self-awareness department. As we've seen, our lad sees himself as a lone wolf who's being hounded by people who want him to give up his precious freedom for the dubious goal of soul-numbing domesticity and who also has to contend with an older sister who irrationally refuses to let go of the meaningless past and selfishly lectures him about his need to lose his comfy vices. The problem with this heroic image is that it clashes with the reality of his being an arrogant, entitled jackass who assumes that people exist to feed his ego. Bear with me as I contrast what he thinks he is with what he actually is.

First off, we have to contend with his delusion that he's wonderful company who's merely misunderstood. While he sees himself as a swell fellow whose simple needs are being denied him by squares from way out there, the reality is that he's a spoiled, entitled brat who takes the phrase "Live and let live" to mean "Everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as they only do what suits me." The idea that he, Phil Richards, must adapt himself to whatever house rules might be in place where he finds himself or to the needs of those he finds himself associating with is seen not as good manners or common sense but as a heartless attempt to destroy his freedom to do what he wants whenever he wants to do it. Other people, you see, have no rights that he need respect because he's special and they ain't; they exist merely to cater to his stupid and self-serving whims.

It should thus come as no real surprise that his concept of himself as a great lover is equally factitious. Elly might curse and damn Ted for being an ass-grabbing piece of trash but he has nothing on her kid brother. I mean, the instant someone rejected the loutish clodhopper, Dorko with the scrub-brush mustache reacted like a sniveling punk kid throwing a temper fit because the cheerleader he wrote an awkward and scary-ass 'love' poem about laughed in his zit-covered face. Of course, given that his claim to respect women is as laughable as his claim that he's a lone wolf keeping himself young instead of a fearful middle-aged idiot who's terrified of being an adult, this is to be expected. From what I've seen of him, he seems to regard women as either a utility or a hindrance.

Speaking of 'hindrances', his idea that he's a peacemaker trying to get Elly to bury a past that doesn't mean anything is as big a delusion as anything else he believes. What he really is is a mama's boy trying very hard to not see that he does owe her something of an apology for profiting from a system designed to keep her down. After all, if you've gained from someone else's hurt feelings, you'd have to be a son-of-a-bitch to tell them to suck it up if they still feel cheated.

Hell, even something that looks like common sense is the result of his being a self-serving jackass who blames other people for his own idiocy and entitlement. I refer, of course, to his not especially wanting children. He seems to vary only in degree and not in essential kind with John and his belief that children need free will like fish need a bicycle.
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