dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"Hurry up and WAIT!": The 'Rents' Reaction.

I can think of two people in the strip who are gonna be really disappointed with Lizthony's decision not to make a decision: John and Elly. John's consternation is easily understandable. After all, nobody ever told him the reason Anthony was there to come to Liz's rescue was that he wanted to ask Liz out on a date while he was still married!! Having no idea what an adulterous, conniving, passive, whiny little puke Anthony is, he thinks Liz is missing out on a lifetime of happiness. Just think of young Mr. Caine as John's own personal Kortney and you'll get the picture. Elly, on the other hand, vaguely remembers what a dipshit he was and, for that matter, still is. Why the need to marry her off to the doofus that quickly? She wants to make Liz is taken care of while she still can. Despite what she says in retcons, the Elly I've seen doesn't actually seem to believe that she'll be fully functional when she's too far past sixty. We, along with her loved ones, can conceive of a sixty-five year old Elly living pretty much the same way she does now but I do NOT think she can. She seems, as far as I know, to have convinced herself that if she isn't either dead or suffering from rampaging senility by then, she'll have distinct mobility issues. This is also why she doesn't make any big plans involving April; since she can't seem to see that she'll just a little bit slower moving and somewhat older looking, she doesn't think she'll be able to help the child so wants to spare her the 'disappointment' ensuing from her not being there.
Tags: blandthony, failure is the only option, pattersons vs the world

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