dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Frying Pan Conundrum....

The odd thing about the pay-off to the "John channels Fred Flintstone" arc is that this isn't the only time that some jerk gets clobbered by an angry woman who'd had enough of his tomfoolery. As we all know, Eric Chamberlain got his own melon busted by Liz and Tina after he'd been revealed to be a cheating cheater who cheats. They also share a certain similarity as regards the results. Just as it was just John and Steve's pride that got hurt, all Eric suffered was a bruised ego. This, as I've said in the past, seems to stem from Lynn's belief that a mere woman could not possibly injure a big, strong man. 

This, as we all know, can be charitably likened to the manure of whatever large barnyard animal most tickles your fancy. A woman whose mental landscape consists mostly of media imagery like Lynn seems rather incapable of realizing that getting hit over the head with a heavy object isn't a fun, harmless, consequence-free way of getting someone to stop doing something. I quote at length from the relevant article on Tvtropes.org:

 Any head injury severe enough to cause unconsciousness is also severe enough to cause a skull fracture, concussion, intracranial bleeding, permanent cognitive impairment, amnesia, blindness, personality change, and even death. 

This inability to see that television is lying to her by feeding her own preconceptions back to her also blinds her to the sad reality that abuse knows no gender boundaries. The police departments of this world spend as much time watching men getting pulverized in domestic beefs as they do advising women to leave their abusers.
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