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Further discontents of the alcove life

Before I get to why it is that John’s lack of awareness as to who the people around him really are made raising the children a horrifying and depressing exercise in failure, I’d like to remind you of a later example of how his lack of any real knowledge of those in his life led him to commit a folly. The example I wish to use is his idiotic reaction to Anthony’s talking about how he was getting a divorce from Thérèse. As you will recall, John made an imbecilic comment about how it was difficult for a horrifying and evil schemer like Weirdo Jealous French Woman who doesn’t know that she’s supposed to love babies and is thus evil, scary and wrong to cheat an honest man like Anthony. You and I also remember that what actually happened is that Anthony stood around making sad, stupid, longing faces at the dough-faced halfwit he wished he’d married whenever clingy nincompoop Lizardbreath barged in where she didn’t God-damned belong and blew his wife the Hell off because she wasn’t who he thought she should be and wasn’t going to twist herself into a pretzel to meet the emotional needs of a jackass whose brain has rubber stamps and shibboleths where useful opinions should be.

This tendency of Anthony’s to judge a person by who he thinks he or she should be is mostly why John commiserated with the greasy little buffoon. That’s because he too sees people not as they are but what the stereotypes that shape his view of the world tell him they would have to be. This means, of course, that he would immediately see Thérèse as being in the wrong because she wanted a bunch of things that she shouldn’t have wanted if she wanted to go around calling herself a good woman. He also assumes sight unseen that sunken-chested whiner Anthony is a hero for being subjected to the torment of actually having to man up and not welch on an agreement he made under false pretences.

What makes this all the more infuriating is that to my knowledge, John has never met this woman and never will. Just as Liz confidently talked trash about her based on the third-hand testimony of her oafish clod of a brother, John only knows what little he has stirred himself to pay attention to about the woman. This, sadly, is just more of the same with him. As I write this essay, I can see strip after strip that has John cower behind his newspaper or fort up in his workshop to avoid the peril of learning who the people around him are and what they really want. It’s a lot better for him to make an ugly ass of himself by assuming sight-unseen that his children are malicious brats who thrive on making Daddy look foolish than to have to understand why Lizzie is terrified of new faces and new places. If he gives up and doesn’t do things with his children because they’re making him look foolish for kicks, he can avoid a lot of horrible things like seeing them as people and perhaps even worse, figuring out what ‘everyone’ knows is a load of old cobblers and thus looking at the man in the mirror and seeing a purblind fool who let himself make a fool of himself.
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