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"esroW roF rO retteB roF": Notes on the Halloween 2012 New-Run.

Well, we sort of got something close to what I expected on the strip for 31 October 2012. Granted, it was more of "John finds catering to the needs of his horrible children to be horrible" than "John gets hammered over the head with the fact that Elly has feelings too" but it was a pointless add-on to a plot that didn't actually need to have extra material added to it.

What it also is is a reminder that Lynn is still pretty much the same person she was forty years ago artistically. As the three collections she had published before she thought of fictionalizing her family life prove, her real strong point is creating mildly amusing single panel strips. She, of course, cannot admit this but anyone not married to a theory at the expense of his or her credibility can see, she's really good at coming up with funny images. What experience teaches us all is that she still does this but feels compelled to work backwards to see how the characters got to where they're going. The problem with doing it that way is that Lynn doesn't know a heck of a lot about the world outside her window and assumes that what little she does know doesn't need to be supplemented by real-life experience.

The end result of this being a know-nothing know-it-all who bristles at the suggestion that she do some research before writing her strip is to make it look as if the Pattersons live in a bizarre alternate world which only superficially resembles our own. In this weird world, three year old children run like Olympic sprinters instead of like real three year old children, trick-or-treating is a sort of race in which one has to compete with glowing white figures and treat bags are held in a manner that the candy is guaranteed to go flying all over the sidewalk.

We also wouldn't have to be reminded that Lynn can no longer draw her characters the way she used to and probably doesn't even know it. She clearly does seem to believe that the freakish little homunculus with the dot eyes, Muppet mouth and arms sprouting out of her neck is the same Lizzie is the one who hid behind the shrubbery in the preceding strip and that the horror freak whose skull seems to be spot-welded directly to his shoulders owing to the absence of anything like a neck is John. Heck, she doesn't even know who these people are any longer. I doubt that she can remember that Lizzie's defining trait is that she's terrified out of her tiny mind of new faces and new places and that John would rather forego a greaseburger than go the extra mile for his children.

About the only good thing to come out of it was the fact that the notes give us a hint as to her problem. It says a lot that her encountering a parent using the common-sense measure of bringing a wagon along with her to take her sleeping children home was regarded as both a never-before-thought-of thing and an act of genius. What her saying "Whoa, wow!" at something as predictable as a mom taking a precaution damned never everyone would take under the circumstances hints at the reason why Lynn still impresses me as being one of the moronic parents from Apaches: she seems to be constantly surprised by the bleeding obvious.
Tags: lynn versus the real world, the dreaded hybrid

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