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Musings on Jack O'Lantern Pie.

The oddest thing happened the other day. As you know, one of the recent strips had Elly use the innards of one of the Halloween pumpkins to make a pie. Most of the people on the Foobiverse community assumed from that that any pie Lynn had made in real life were either pre-made or the result of her opening up a can of pie filling because not only is that particular variety of pumpkin not suitable for cooking in the first place, trying to cook something that had been left on the porch to rot seemed like something of a dumb idea. The problem is that we were wrong; Lynn actually did try cooking a jack o'lantern pie. Granted, she'd learned her lesson and warned others not to do so but she still left us with the question "What kind of idiot does that in the first place?"

To start to answer that question, I'd like to remind you of a person from North Bay that Lynn says she met soon after moving there. Like Lynn, this mystery woman faced the challenge of escorting pre-schoolers on Halloween. Since she knew that the children would be either too tired to walk or just plain asleep by the end of her run, this random passer-by hit on the idea of taking the children's toy wagon with her so she wouldn't have to carry her offsprings and small ones home. When Lynn saw this person, she'd assumed that the wagon was for the candy and not the children and was so impressed by her being told what was really happening, she made a note of it. It still seems to fascinate and impress our hero that someone used her brains instead of doing something in the most ridiculously impractical way possible.

These looks at her past teach us two interesting things about her. First off, they teach us why Elly does things in the most insanely and foolishly complicated way possible. What seems to be happening is that Lynn simply isn't very practical as a person. The reason Elly does things in her needlessly difficult and witlessly impractical way is that she's the creation of a woman who simply does not know how to do things properly and seems resistant to the idea of being taught how to not suck.

The second is that when we see the Pattersons turn their collective noses up at Elly's unpalatable sludgewonderful stuff, we're looking at a scene from Lynn's dining room. Back before she turned into Superchef, Elly was a clone of Lethal Chef Lynn, the creator of Cheapie Weenie Casserole.
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