dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The exploiters in Connie's life.....

One of the things that I should have mentioned yesterday is that Greg managed to get away with his selfish need to impose his will on his children by exploiting one of Connie's signature weaknesses: her inane habit of assuming that the awful children in her life want her to die old, alone and unloved. Just as how she can't see that her incessant bleating about her evil son wants her to not have any sort of happiness makes it very difficult for him to care about her opinion, she can't allow herself to see that just because she wants to be a mother to those two girls that that doesn't automatically guarantee that that'll happen. The instant that they opined as how they miss their real mother, Connie reacted exactly as how one would expect and turned into a shrill, defensive and belligerent idiot squealing about being hated for no reason and how attitudes needed adjusting.

Since Connie's an idiot as well as an entitled goofola, she can't quite see that her habit of shrieking like the hysterical numbskull she is is most of why she became a wicked stepmother and why Greg married her. God forbid that he be married to a person who had the inconvenient habit of assuming that no, children are not extensions of a domineering arsebucket of a bank manager's fragile ego and pathetic need to feel like a man by being a tin-pot fascist. Having explained who I think Connie's predecessor was, I think it behooves me to explain why it is that Connie allows herself to be played like a God-damned Atari by anything with a Y chromosome. Simply put, the same woman who makes great big speeches about how she doesn't need a man to be a complete person is as lacking in self-awareness as the passive, timid, clingy nitwit who drifts through life letting everyone but herself make any decision more complex than breathing in and out when she bloviates about being a take-charge person. Men can sense this need to do damned near anything to find and keep a male companion and can and do exploit it to their own ends.

I've already covered Greg but feel that it only fair that I talk about his predecessors. Ted wanted a maid, cook and nanny to cover the home fort for him so he could prowl the streets checking out the local action while Phil wanted a mommy figure to sit in the background and tell him how swell he was. Heh. Even though I despise the repellent dick known as the mama's boy, I find them preferrable to a bargain bin Führer like Greg.
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