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More musings on mama's boys.....

I think that it's fairly safe to say that most of the female characters in the strip are exercised by a need to be needed. Like most of us, they want to be reassured that they make a positive difference in the lives of their families. What the problem seems to be is that they have a hard time dealing with any sort of concept of declaring mission accomplished when it comes to being a wife and mother. For most of them, there is no 'something else' to do that isn't darning socks, scrubbing biffies and baking Gramma buns. This allows them to indulge in another destructive result of their need to not feel as if they're just wasting space: the creation and maintenance of that annoyance called the mama's boy. As I mentioned earlier, behind every smug asshole assuming that any sort of female complaint about their entitled idiot swinishness is caused by weird, scary woman hormones is a mother who over-indulged him and, owing to her need to fuss over the deluded donkey while treating any daughters like peons, left him with the laughable delusion that anything without a Y chromosome was plopped on the landscape to save him from cleaning up after his stupid ass.

What really sort of irritates me about this is that these women don't see themselves as having created monsters. As a for instance, Marian has no real idea that her blind insistence that Phil gets more hell-room to be a massive screw-up because he's got a willy is not only why she and Elly mix like oil and water and why his taking too damned long to get it through his thick skull that living like a damned college kid made him look like a real-life version of one-note hippy imbecile Shaggy Rogers but was also responsible for any number of pointless arguments with Georgia. She sees a wonderful little boy who needs protecting and nurturing. We see a revolting spectre made up of macho idiocy, whining and entitlement and wish to vomit in disgust and terror.

The irritating need to indulge a creature her eyes see as the little boy she gave birth to instead of the dime-store Don Juan whose pathetic strivings irritate Elly as well as sane people is most of why Ted's mother took entirely too damned long dying. Sure, she might have complained about his cramping her style but she sure didn't want any woman coming in and replacing her stupid ass.

We also see this trend to be loyal to mother at the expense of one's wife whenever John can't see why his constantly comparing Elly to his mother is a problem. This blindness meshes nicely not only with the mother in question not being able to see how her need to be needed is a problem but also her inability to realize that most people tend to be repulsed by grown men who slobber and grovel to mother when they have a wife.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo, phil: bee and bop king, ted: playah dood

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