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Further musings on Molly and Gayle.

I was looking through the strips about Molly when I came upon a rather interesting little exchange the girl had with Elly. We started off with Connie complaining about how the poor girl still had hard feelings about how Daddy moved them hundreds of miles from their home just to get her away from some boy whose only known crime was to terrify a fear-filled ignoramus. Given that Molly found a suspiciously similar substitute in a local boy named Dirk and given that said new love interest was described as being evil, scary and weird because he was Canadian Jerkemy from Zits, I tend to think that Control Freak Daddy did something really God-damned dickish for a really God-damned stupid reason. Much as he would later angrily kick Lawrence out of the house because he was afraid that the boy would instantly turn a ‘respectable’ house into a homophobic numbskull’s opium dream horror fantasy of a gay Hell-world, the ignornant, easily-frightened, angry idiot with the need to shove people around so he can feel like a man moved his child to somewhere she felt isolated and friendless because she was getting too close to someone who frightened him.

Anyways, Molly comes to the neighbour lady that “You AREN’T my mother” hangs out with for some perspective and gets told sight unseen that the boy is a jackass because he never wrote or phoned her to her knowledge. Leaving aside the sheer awfulness of having her being blindly dismissive to the girl’s feelings because she wasn’t “old” enough to be taken seriously, it amazes me that Elly never stopped to think that Greg did the same thing to Molly that Martha of the scary body language’s parents did to her and blocked any attempt the boy might have made to make contact. Not, mind you, that Elly would have seen that as being especially wrong. The same woman who saw no problem with packing her own children off to a farm to be mocked by a lantern-jawed idiot bitch cousin who needs a kick to the teeth for being a smug ignoramus because they don’t know how to run a tractor isn’t going to see any more of a problem with Greg playing KGB censor than she would with any of the other dickish shite he’s pulled. What Elly took away from this is that she was dealing with another teenager making a pointless point about something that she’d just have to adjust to. What she didn’t see is that her stupid comment made the girl feel more isolated than ever.

Given how her attempt to find a voice of reason led her to a voice defending her idiot father and nitwitted stooge step-mother, what Molly took away from this is that her hunch that Daddy let That Woman talk him into moving next door to the dentist’s wife so she could have back-up bossing her around and treating her like a stupid kid being rotten for its own sweet sake was right on the money. Instead of having two people barge in and expect her to say “You know, I really am a selfish child making lives miserable because I’m bad, really appreciate the verbal flogging from entitled dimwits and would like more,” there was a third moron moral authority barging in telling her to adjust because she wasn’t old enough to have an opinion yet.

Her need to escape people telling her that she’s a problem because they can’t face up to being entitled nitwits propelled by the need to tyrannize others explains why she left but doesn’t seem at first blush to cover Gayle who did seem to be able to co-exist with Mrs Patterson next door. The interesting thing is that Connie’s Liography hints as to why Gayle also stayed with her mother during her years in Senior High; the thing talks about how Gayle tended to follow Molly’s lead in most things. One of those things is probably realizing that not only would Daddy and Not-actually-Mommy agree that she needs to be treated like a paroled convict, the doughy ding-dong next door would agree with them. Simply put, Elly’s smug ignorance and need to dish out useless advice is some of why the girls don’t think of Milborough as home.

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