dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Brad Luggsworth Two: Electric Boogaloo....

As I pointed out yesterday, Brad's Liography is made of stereotypes that fearful lower-middle class people worried about their own status (or, to put in more briefly, Lynn and Beth) have about those less exalted than they are. It sort of irritates me to be reminded that dumb people think that there's a moral component to being less advantaged, that bad luck and ignorance are a punishment for being less moral and less intelligent than those who presume to be better. It irritates me more that all of this "Brad is a loser who needs to win" business is, to put it in the most gentle terms I can conceive of, abso-freaking-lutely unnecessary. Just as I hate it that one of Those Children from That Neighborhood talked Decent Middle Class Kids into destroying John's vandal magnet train layout when it is perfectly within the realm of possibility that all the kids in ski masks wrecking things were bored upper-middle class jerkasses looking for cheap thrills, I dislike the idea that wanting to paste an annoying, disruptive little jerk who has the reputation of being an infernal nuisance with no idea of personal space has to logically proceed from being from a broken home. After all, he could just as easily be the son of some rich prick telling him "If anyone gives you lip, hit back hard" as the gutter-dwelling urchin Beth has him as being. Were they to have explored the possibility that anyone, even the son of a "normal" home, can be a violent goon, they would have accomplished something more than being class war warriors.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, brad, lynn versus the real world

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