dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Enforced absenteeism in the face of Brad Luggsworth.

The most irritating thing about the whole "acknowledge the power of the bully to do whatever he wants and he'll leave you be" arc is knowing that the only parent who did anything about anything as far as Brad was concerned is Elly. Granted, her underreaction to the presence of someone who wants to smack Mike around is as misguided as her later hoping that April would somehow learn to tolerate the presence of a hateful little piece of excrement who wanted to beat her half to death because his daddy ran off to play harmonica in a band but at least she's aware of his presence. My guess is that when John hears the name Brad Luggsworth, he draws a blank because the wife he married to keep him from having to be too involved with his children is doing too damned good a job. While he does know the name Jeremy Jones and does agree that it's sort of stupid of Elly to think that April is somehow supposed to be friends with the second-generation slur against children of single-parent homes, he seems to have never heard of the boy who clobbered Mike. This seems to me to be something of an act of collective stupidity; she should have said something and he should have bothered to pay attention to his children. It tends to make me think that he had no idea that the gate might have presented a problem.
Tags: child rearing disasters, john versus reality

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