dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

My Little Lynnie: Friendship is impossible...

Now to get to why it is that the Pattersons use the word "friend" to describe someone either exists to make bad wordplay, be exploited or to lecture Martians about their expiration dates instead of someone who provides emotional support when it's needed, we should first take a look at why it is that the Pattersons never apologize for anything if they can avoid it. Time and again, a reader is left with the impression that an apology is a humiliation that horrible people with no sense of human make people undergo; much as how criminals are given a slap on the wrist while good people like the Pattersons are threatened with waterboarding for standing up for themselves, the haters want the Foobs to grovel pathetically forever for doing things that they're allowed to do.

It doesn't take a very observant person to come to the conclusion that Lynn is looking through the eyes of an unhappy little girl who was forced to apologize for every little God-damned thing while noticing that other people were not made to say that "good little X's" didn't do whatever. Since the angry, defiant and stupid little girl who never managed to figure out how to deal with her emotions 'grew' to become a glib, vengeful and oblivious woman who still doesn't know how to deal with her emotions and wants payback for all the 'wrongs' she suffered, we get strip after strip that shows us that apologizing is a horrible loss of face that must be avoided. In her world, no one who voluntarily apologizes can be taken seriously.

Also, in her world, friends aren't what you and I would call friends. My guess is that what she thought of as her friends were either token friends her mother forced her to associate with so that they could lecture her about how she had to sleep in the basement while her senile old fart grandmother waited out the clock during Lynn's formative years, servile dolts who told her how great she was or people she felt free to exploit without all that confusing and humiliating reciprocity harshing her mellow. 

What this means is that a Lynn-friend is what the Pattersons call a friend. This means that we don't have friends as you as I would define them. Instead, we get either a servile comic foil like Connie who exists to puff up Elly's ego, a slave like Gordon who exists to be exploited or an Eva Warzone who exists to lecture April about how you have to be grateful to be treated like shit by people who don't care about you and to show how tolerant you want people to think John and Elly. A Becky who is what regular people would call a friend is someone that the Pattersons (i.e. Lynn) cannot understand and who therefore must be avoided. After all, a friend who wants April to think that her parents are selfish jerks who don't care about her as much as they care about what she can provide them gets in the way of their being paid back so is pure evil. 
Tags: putting the r in fiend.

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