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Reality and other unrealistic things.

As you will recall, I'd mentioned that howtheduck noticed that Lynn had regurgitated a standard sitcom befriend-the-bully plot line instead of drawing from real-life experience; this led into a reminder that the Coming-After was a recapitulation of a plot point from a bad movie in which the hero chased away a masher from a distressed damsel.

What we also all remember is that Lynn was baffled by letters that wanted real closure because she thought that running the man in the black hat out of town was good enough. After all, that's how it played out on the screen so this whole 'trial' business was, as she had John say, a pointless, boring waste of time. When she had JSTF make his smug, ill-informed comments about how pointlessly complicated the rule of law is, it should be understood that she's making a Grade Z clone of Gabby Hayes harrumph "Just string the polecat up and ignore all that annoying and useless legal precedent that slows people down and gets in the way of the beer ads."

This, I should think, is owing to her not quite wanting to admit (especially to herself) that life is not a television show; time and again, we have to contend with a Patterson baffled when real life is not filmed in front of a live studio audience. Since the Pattersons are very shallow people who are transfixed by the delusion that the real people in front of them are simplified sitcom caricatures and the real situations they contend with are sitcom plots, they will go on to make one foolish mistake after another.

This also explains why Lynn is always so God-damned pissed off in her travelogues; instead of getting the "real" Thailand or Mexico, she gets the real Thailand and Mexico and the fact that she has to live in a real-world setting instead of a movie set irritates, confuses and depresses her.
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