dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The end of Coffee Talk: a snarker's perspective.

As you probably know by now, it's been decided that Coffee Talk has somehow served its purpose. It seems to me that any official reason would have to relate to Katie wanting to focus on raising her child instead of dealing with people wanting a look at the present-day Pattersons, other people saying that Lynn must have spy gear in their houses because they can't see any other way that a person leading a boring life like their own could possibly imagine bland normality, yet others who want things both ways by stating that it's only a comic strip when people say things about it that bother them and, most vexing of all, people who make points that bother her mother.

The last category of people that I mentioned are why it surprised me that those around Lynn were able to keep it going on as long as it did. As howtheduck said, the last comment Lynn actually made can be boiled down to an angry rant about how simply awful it is that people want to persecute and humiliate her by asking her questions and seeing how her strip affects people. Combine that with what can only be her ordering Katie to not let letters from jealous, picky-faced mean people who want her to think about what she's doing and do things that bore her and you end up wondering why she didn't pull the plug back when people were creeping on her for letting Farley run around loose because of the Pattersons' stupid neglect.

What really hurts is that she won't give said official reason; it's far easier to rehash the threat she made to have the Syndicate yank the strip because people were trying to make the great unwashed use their brains than to say "Laura needs a mother more than you need to talk about my lovely column." That way, she can reaffirm their delusion that thinking about what you're reading makes you an extra-bad person; better to lock your brains in a box and be a good little mindless waste of skin.
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