dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Foob child-rearing and other disasters.

We've seen the Pattersons be lousy friends, sub-par citizens and disastrous lovers. We also note with alarm that their parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. The reason is simple: they have no idea how children's minds work. I can, off the top of my head, recall many times we've seen someone try to negotiate with a kid and fail. The pathetic zombie trying to cut a deal with the toddler can't get it through his/her thick skull that kids that tiny aren't able to compromise. A child that age is naturally gonna see someone who stands in the way of a desire as being wrong and him/herself as being in the right. Trying to sweet-talk the kid into doing someing s/he feels is bad just ain't gonna work. There's another downside to negotiating: if the kid can't be sweet-talked into doing what Mommy or Daddy wants, the delinquent parent will either escalate to threatening violence or resorting to bribery. The habit of mind that mandates this sort of delinquency is a refusal to see things from the child's prespective. Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy have to let the kid do something s/he wants instead of being shoved into compliance with what the 'rents want. Combine this with their natural idleness, and you have a recipe for disaster.
Tags: child rearing disasters, foobs vs common decency

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