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Frontiers of the not-actually-strange.

As I once might have explained, every so often I check the on-line catalog of strips and select material at random when I'm stuck for ideas. The interesting thing about my latest look at the Patterson saga is that one of the strips I saw meshed nicely with a recent Lynnsight that had the author discuss a rather obvious solution to a rather obvious problem as if it were some grand discovery that no one had ever before conceived of. The strip in question features Elly talking about her, Jim and Phil's reluctance to go through Marian's personal effects after her death. A casual observer might notice Elly's use of the adjective 'strange' and think "Well, it is hard to be clinical when this sort of thing happens. I mean, this is her mother we're talking about; of course she's going to feel like a grave-robber or something. She might have thought that she was prepared but she wasn't so whatever."

What that person doesn't know is that Elly seems to wake up every morning as if her memory is a blank; since everything seems to her to be happening to her for the first time in her life, the off-putting feeling that she'd invaded a dead woman's privacy when she settled up Mrs Baird's affairs was totally forgotten. She might remember facts but for some unknown reason, she doesn't remember how she felt when things happened; this leads to her sudden realization of something that she should have remembered. What it also means is that when Jim passed away off-camera, Elly probably chastised April for reminding her that she said something about invading privacy before. After all, Elly doesn't remember feeling like she busted into someone's tomb in her life so it's clear that the Martian doesn't know what she's talking about.
Tags: elly versus the real world

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