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Who IS guiding Liz's destiny and why she doesn't see them.

The interesting thing about the strip in which Liz does a jig because a person's life collapses in a manner that benefits her is that it reminds us that since she doesn't seem to realize that things don't really magically appear when you trust in faith and fate, she really is oblivious to the forces that shape her life. This means that the Liz Caine of 2012 is as bitter, resentful, self-hating and confused as the Elly Patterson of 1983 because she doesn't realize that what she assumes to the end result of her belief in faith and fate really wasn't destined to happen at all. Unlike her, we know that it was made to happen by people who wanted it to and that it was made to happen to serve their needs before hers. Since she's sort of oblivious as well as amazingly entitled and self-serving, she has no more idea that people had manipulated events now than she did as a teenager.

I know that I don't really need to remind you that we had to deal with a week or two of strips of Liz being so in love with the idea that no boy could possibly be interested in her to notice that Anthony had a yen for her. What I lose sight of when I talk about how dumb she is is that Dawn and Candice had to take matters in their own hands and force Liz to date Anthony. This is because they remembered something about Liz that she doesn't and came to the conclusion that the same Liz who didn't see the obvious was too passive to actually try to find out. While they did sort of succeed in getting the two to pair off, Liz didn't have the sense to be grateful because she's too blasted stupid to notice things like that.

The reason that this inability to see the obvious when it's staring in front of her made her life worse is that she still hasn't figured out that a lot of people put a lot of work into making the Settlepocalypse possible. Her blind trust in fate and faith blind her to the fact that Gordo, Tracy, Dawn, Shawna-Marie and her parents out in a lot of work to ensure that Thérèse knew that her hopes of making something more of Anthony than a bookkeeper for a greasemonkey were as unacceptable as his being married to anyone who wasn't Liz Patterson. After all, the Pattersons needed to be paid back for a moral obligation that their self-serving hatefulness turned into extortion. This means that the Evil Career Woman's campaign of depriving the Sainted Pattersons of a bludgeon to wield over someone they're sponging off of is a bad thing.

The common factor in both successful attempts to load the dice is that passive, stupid little Lizardbreath doesn't understand that what seemed to be the result of destiny working in her favor is actually the end product of a plan to force an unsatisfying resolution that made her miserable and confused. The Liz of 1993 would have been a lot better if she had found out that she could love a boy who was not a stand-in for her dickweed dad and the Liz of right-the-Hell-now would be as much better off as Mike would be had she not done the same stupid thing he did and returned home to resume her role as the conflicted, needy and ignored middle child.

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