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Look Homeward, Suckers......

Another reason that Liz finds her life less than fulfilling is that her destiny was being guided in such a manner as to delight the amen choir of people who love it that her life's path guided her not to defining life on her own terms but in such a manner as to serve the needs of her entitled, selfish and empathy-free asshole parents. While we see the bizarre, anachronistic and silly 'inherit the family farm' vibe given off as a good and life-affirming thing because it seems to comfort them that the kids don't have to live in the big, scary adult world.

It doesn't seem to be a problem to Kool-Aid Nation that by marching not towards being people in their own right but towards a resumption of their old childhood roles that Liz and Mike have tricked themselves into thinking that a humiliating loss of dignity is a victory and a vindication of their life plan. This is because I believe that they see it as a good thing is that John and Elly finally feel as if this parenthood racket is going their way.

When one looks at the tragedy of two people who could easily have clawed out lives for themselves were it not for their craven and destructive need to please worthless vermin like John and Elly immolating themselves on the pyre of self-defeating behaviour through the eyes of said slithering pieces of filth, it magically turns into a happy ending. For one, the boy-girl pair of children people are 'supposed' to have finally spend their time being cravenly grateful for the alleged sacrifices made on their behalf and witlessly apologetic for trying to stir remorse in their alleged parents' stone hearts. What a grand and glorious thing it is for a heartless dick like John to no longer have to hear horrible, vicious things about how his children weren't actually freeloading off of him; now that he's finally free from having to be told that his children would have starved to death gruesomely without his money, he's finally happy. As for Elly, she's finally happy that Liz understands that the desire that children have for Mommy's attention is an evil, horrible thing that only exists because evil children want to spread chaos and make Mommy miserable. As for the superfluous third child, they might not even care that she's escaped the hellish vortex of their entitlement, greed and lack of remorse; after all, with her gone, their family is how it's supposed to be.

What really irritates me about all of this is that whenever Kool-Aid Nation notices people like me, they say that we want bad things for the Patterson family. I can remember one person claiming that we wanted Anthony and his daughter to suffer some arcane, improbable and poorly-defined horror because we're awful, cynical people who have no sense of human. What we want for Anthony is for him to grow the Hell up and stop fixating on some pallid idiot who needs a spotter to remind her to breathe in and out, man the Hell up and do something with his life. What we want for Françoise is for her to not have a 'mother' who resents her. It turns out that this is probably the terrible ending that they have in mind. Other scary, horrible endings are "Mike realizes that being an author was Elly's dream and tells her to stop living vicariously through him", "Liz realizes that what she thought was homesickness was Stockholm syndrome", "Elly realizes that she's mostly why her life feels so empty" and worst of all "John finally gets it through his thick skull that he's the damned problem and tries making things right with his wife and children."

Tags: coffee talkers, elly versus her family, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?, one big oblivious family

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