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April’s war and what it means.

Of course, Mike is not the only member of the family to see himself as being beset by enemies who yearn to humiliate and destroy him because they get a cheap thrill of kicking people when they’re down. As April’s comments about how Mira wanting to have any sort of input into the raising of her grandchildren equates to the utter defeat and humiliation of her family tell us, the youngest child is also sick with the fixation that she’s the target of a plot to destroy her.

What this means is that when she rattles on about how Gerald committed treason by wanting to hang out with Becky, she wasn’t actually doing what most people would assume she was doing; instead of being a kid blowing something out of proportion, she honestly thought that she was engaged in a life-or-death battle with a girl who doesn’t to this day actually know that she’s supposed to be sitting in her room wringing her hands menacingly as she plots to destroy a girl she thinks of as a friend who she isn’t speaking to right now because they had an argument but is otherwise friendly. The realization that she’s supposed to be this horrible monster who wants to cackle maniacally as she watches April die in the gutter would, I should think, baffle and horrify her.

Speaking of baffling and horrifying things, we also have to contend with April being led astray by her ever-whirring imagination; the best example of that is that she honestly believed that her prayers made a rotting tree fall on a house. You would have thought that someone could have talked her down but that was not the case. What you did get was Gerald exploiting her need for companionship and convincing her that she shouldn't object so much to his casual ableism.

Odd. Both she and Mike keep themselves up nights worrying about insane doomsday scenarios, think that everyone is trying to destroy them for cheap laughs and are easily manipulated by people who can play to their paranoia. Also, both of them have dark hair. This seems familiar, doesn’t it? Almost as if it’s, I don’t know, genetic or something. 

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