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Dark-haired Pattersons and paranoia.

As I explained yesterday and the day before, both Michael and April have something in common with one another aside from having dark hair. Both of them seem to be convinced to one degree or another that the world is out to get them. If there isn’t an evil authority figure like Mira trying to crush them, humiliate them and make them writhe in the muck as they are forced to agree that they have no right to want anything, there are traitors like Rhetta and Becky who trick them into thinking that they’re friends so that they can humiliate them and laugh at their misery. They also tend to trust people that they have no business trusting merely because said real threat to their dignity promises deliverance from their threats. In Mike’s case, it’s a wife who wants to use him as a means of outraging her mother and in April’s, it’s an asshole blathering about war-zones because she gets a cheap thrill out of bullying desperate people.

The reason that I reminded you of this is because of something else I said: the fact that they seem to get that from their dark-haired mother Elly. Over the years, I’ve flat-out said that Elly believes that the authority figures of the world want to crush her and cruelly mock her as they destroy everything she likes. This tendency was most of why she was so desperate to see the old town hall preserved. For her, it wasn’t about keeping a fine example of older architecture from getting razed for the sake of pointless change, it was about keeping the jocks from committing genocide against art, culture and literature. The poor bastards who simply wanted an up-to-date stadium have no real idea that the lady with the sandwich board thought that they wanted to rape and murder her as they leer and burn down all the art galleries and book shops but that’s the deal with her.

Of course, they’re not the only people baffled by the disconnect between what Elly’s paranoia tells her is happening and what’s really happening. Annie is still trying to figure out just what the Hell Elly meant when she said that she couldn’t be near her because she betrayed her by forgiving Steve. To her, watching a doormat who lets all manner of crooks play her like a pinball machine lecture her on firmness of character is as confusing as it is irritating.

It’s almost as irritating as having to remember that Elly still doesn’t really understand why it is April objects to Kortney. While Elly’s intellect might tell her that the thieving bitch was lying to her about respecting her, her need to be assured that she matters over-rides her conscience. It’s like how she needs to not want to listen to that awful voice that says that she’s the reason the miracle of maturity has never transformed her and that her children aren't actually trying to make her life terrible. The need to avoid blame is also why Mike avoids wanting to admit that he doesn't actually know why Martha does what she does and why April doesn't want to listen to the voice that says she's jealous of Becky and always has been. Ah, well. At least they have that voice; their fair-haired sister and father do not.

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