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Light-coloured Hair Is Not Good.

That same voice I mentioned yesterday also probably tells Elly, Michael and April that Thérèse might not be the horrible, materialistic monster that they'd like her to be. Deep down, they do have some sense of a moral obligation to other people and a conscience that sometimes has to be denied so that they may protect themselves from a harsh world. The way Elly looks at it is that she didn't mean for the woman to get hurt but since she was in the way, she didn't have much of a choice. To her, the best thing for Liz was to be married to Anthony so that she could be taken care of. If someone got mauled along the way, that's a pity but she should have known better. Sure, she's sometimes kept up nights wondering if the only real reason she doesn't like Thérèse is that the Evil Career Woman did what she wanted to do but didn't have the guts to do but she can talk herself into ignoring her conscience.

What should probably really alarm her is that Liz and both sleep like logs. As we've seen, Liz is fairly self-serving and doesn't seem to have what you'd call a conscience. As by way of example, we have her studiously not understanding where it is that Thérèse is coming from; a person who understood right from wrong would not butt in where she wasn't wanted as a petty way of getting back at someone who'd said something she didn't like hearing. A person who knew right from wrong also wouldn't whine about how unreasonable April was being to object to a self-serving gesture that made her feel good or wish harm on people who wanted to make her feel bad about good things like rewarding thieves who dispense insincere flattery. Since Liz is not designed to feel remorse, empathy or compassion and tends to react to appeals to same with either whining about being persecuted or threat displays, she sleeps like a log.

She's joined in being an oblivious cement-head whose idea of right and wrong is what most pleases them to do by John. A man who knows right from wrong would not respond to his wife's urgent request to being treated with dignity by yowling about wanting laughter to be abolished and he wouldn't smack his son on the ass for giving a moral obligation its right name. He also wouldn't be terrified of anything that might get him to think about why he thinks things lest he see the same heartless load of poo we see.

The interesting thing about both borderline sociopaths is that they've got lighter hair than their denial-prone paranoid relations. They're also far readier to respond to a joke at their expense with rage for a different reason than Mike and Elly. Dark brunette Mike and light brunette Elly get violent when mocked because they hate people who don't consider their feelings. Sandy blondes John and Liz explode because they hate people who don't treat them with the respect they think they deserve.

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