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Happy (Real) Anniversary, Mike and Deanna.

The odd thing about yesterday’s little example of speculative fiction is that I’d almost decided to let Mira tell Liz point-blank that she suspected that at some point before the Big Fat Sham Wedding, Mike, Deanna and a couple of witnesses showed up at a Justice of the Peace’s offices and had their own private I-do while plotting to mollify everyone else with a fancy ceremony that didn’t ‘mean’ anything. I ultimately decided against it because as a normal person, Mira would have foreseen one of two eventualities. First off, she might have thought that Liz was in on the deception as well thereby making any such reminder redundant. Secondly, she might have realized that Liz still didn’t know what had happened and would react poorly to being ‘made a fool of all those years’ and ‘been left out of the family’s plans like she’d be a hindrance’. As it is, Mira would probably have simply been satisfied to simply tell Deanna that she wanted to stick around long enough to watch her foam at the mouth when Meredith even thought of doing to her what she did with Mike.

It probably does still bother Mira that Deanna thought so little of everyone else’s feelings that she did all of that just because she didn’t want to have to remember that for a lot of women, staging a big-ass wedding is the only acceptable occasion in which they can show off. While it’s pretty obvious that she’ll see no problem with overriding everything Meredith might do or want because her silly daughter doesn’t know that it’s actually Mommy’s wedding, the same blasted self-absorption and lack of any real empathy blind her to the feeling of loss Mira clearly felt every time her wanting to be the center of attention was dismissed as an act of family politics. Well, that and realizing that she’d somehow managed to raise a child who thinks that inclusion shouldn’t be wasted on other people.

Besides, she might actually start to think of Michael and Liz as figures of pity by now anyway. Instead of being adults living their own lives, they’ve been reduced to overgrown children fawning over their parents and making pathetic comments about how they did after all owe said awful people for the air they breathe.

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