dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Conspirator Conundrum...

It seems to me that there's another reason that Mira might start to see the Patterson children as being more to be pitied than hated; their inability to see that while there is a conspiracy in place to shape their lives, the conspirators believe themselves to be helping Mike, Liz and April. Take, as a for instance, the campaign in place to make sure that Mike realized that his destiny isn't supposed to be chasing some distant illusion but to embrace the comforts of home and family. A normal person such as Mira would be able to see that Deanna, John and Elly aren't consciously aware of their hateful jealousy of those willing to dare and to do. She knows of any number of also-rans and failures who don't want to face up to being second-stringers so Deanna's whimpering that she wants Mike to be alive to enjoy life is a means of distracting herself from seeing that her parents' hopes for her were in vain. Best to nod, smile politely and admit that the same daughter who blew off singing lessons because they were haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard might as well be left to run her idiot money-hemorrhaging sewing school while she congratulates herself on playing a Jedi mind trick on a sap who could have been a damned fine literary critic instead of the author of crap novels.

She'd also realize that the people who woke of a morning trying to figure out how best to consign Liz to the same self-induced Hell that blights Elly's life honestly thought that they were saving her from a life of misery far from home and family. I mean, Gordon and Tracey had no way of knowing that what looked like homesickness was actually Stockholm syndrome and it's not like John and Elly are willing to face up to how wretched they are and how little they have to offer anyone. They don't even want to see how self-serving they are.

About the only salvageable person she can see is the one whose horses John and Elly don't know what to do with; since they'll never need a small animal veterinarian, April will one day embarrass and mortify her poor, ill-used parents by saying that yes, she was jealous of Becky for a stupid reason and no, she doesn't see the point of paying for the retirement of two vicious, greedy and self-absorbed old gits who should have planned things in such a manner as to not avenge themselves on their children for asking things of them.
Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?, elly versus her family, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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