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Mira and the Housening.....

As I type this, it has been exactly six years since Mike, Deanna and their children took root in the Pattermanse and began their campaign to dislodge its original occupants. Everyone whose opinion can be said to be matter (by which I mean anyone who isn't a picky-faced Princess Martian creature whose expiration date needs to be checked by Eva Freaking Warzone) thinks of it as Destiny Unfolding As It Should. To John, Elly and Deanna, it only makes sense that Mike should inherit the house he grew up in so that the family can keep going. To sane people, it looks less obvious. I realize that I've probably covered this topic before but six years of history might have given an outsider a perspective that would cast a harsher light on the happy ending.

It thus seems clear that the Mira who spent the first half of 2007 wondering why it was that Michael turned down a very generous offer to relocate somewhere closer to Burlington on the baffling pretext of wanting to be independent would have a clearer idea of what they thought was happening owing to being part of the Settlepocalypse. Listening to them mindlessly parrot Deanna's witless comments about family politics would have quickly taught her that the paranoid idiots thought she expected to be paid back at some point. The only thing more obvious would be that Mike was so frightened of what happened that he wanted to hole up in his childhood home where it was safe.

What might still give her pause is the collective refusal to see April as anything other than a threat despite said "threat" being nothing more than wanting to not be thought of as the animate adjunct of all the spare furniture Mike and Deanna brought with them when it seemed obvious that the best way to make the kid feel included was to force Liz, who could and should have lived on her own, out. It probably still makes little sense for them to indulge a stupid, flighty imbecile's need to play the grieving widow because she brainlessly stumbled into a disaster of her own making when someone with a real person was left hanging out to dry. This is where the annoying slang phrase 'family politics' might actually make sense; it might not sit well but figuring out that April has been made a scapegoat whose threat to everyone's plans dare not be questioned makes the Housening make sense. By now, Mira's friends are still laughing derisively as she jabs a finger into the air and rants about how April's wanting to be treated like a person means that she actually wants to laugh as two people who could easily afford their own home die in the gutter.
Tags: evil mira, the pattersons versus reality.

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