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Reflections on a propeller hairdo....

It seems to me that Mira would probably see the way the Pattersons react to April's presence as a sort of indicator as to who they are as people. The Pattersons themselves do not realize this but then they don't do a lot of realizing period. As an example, Deanna has no idea that her tendency to condescend to April and to think of her as less a person with hopes, plans and dreams and more as someone that her beloved Elly gave birth to so that she could have a cook, maid, groundskeeper and nanny marks her as an arrogant twit who thinks that the world owes her a living. What would really irritate Mira is that her childish goofola son-in-law is actually a better person than her own child; he might do nothing to help her but he's the only one who sees that his 'clever' plan of running to his parents in his time of need has a side-effect he hadn't planned on. This puts him way ahead of Lizardbreath. Mira would have had to wait until the Settlepocalypse to get the whole story but sooner or later, she'd have gotten confirmation that the flighty nitwit Mike calls Sistwirp had no sympathy for anyone's concerns save her own. Liz's shrill, thoughtless 'picky-face' remark and her inability to even notice what was going on around her mark her as being the same insensitive, whiny, clueless dullard who took until 2008 to realize that Anthony has always had the hots for her. That being said, even if she did notice a problem, the dumbass would whine about how unreasonable April is for worrying about something that only affected her.

Getting a back-story on the youngest Patterson from her 'parents' would, however, be the real eye-opener. Having to listen to that mindless ape John rant witlessly about princesses and getting all pouty and angry when being told that maybe he should try to actually know who and want he's babbling on about would be all the proof one would need that John is a pontificating dunderhead who never met a stereotype he didn't like. Elly's witless hand-wringing and whining about fake apocalypses would make it obvious where Mike's misdirected sense of right and wrong came from. What it wouldn't explain is why Mike, Liz and Deanna are as mature as Peter "I don't even have life insurance" Parker.
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