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Jim loses Patterson family politics forever.

As I type this essay, I remember back six years ago when I first started to write about these people. I remember that Mike isn’t the only idiot whose plan for ‘unforeseen’ consequences was to run to the Pattermanse and get Mommy and Daddy to save him from the mean people. As you will recall, Liz’s clever plan for dealing with her totally not imaginary and definitely not self-inflicted trauma was to sit in her old bedroom and pout like a child bereaved of dessert for shaving the cat bald. You will also remember that the only reason that she finally got off her ass and did what an adult would and get her own place was the realization that she’d have to pay her ugly brother rent and possibly have to sit for his children in case the picky-face was acting up again. Since the Sobinskis combine evil common sense with their evil ambitions and evil linear logic, they are probably grimly amused by the number John and Elly did on those two to make them think that two very terrible people should be paid back for a moral obligation. Heck. It might even take the edge off of Deanna enabling Mike’s stupidity for her own idiotic purposes.

What would be really amusing is that Mike and Liz are too stupid to see that neither John nor Elly are willing to do the same thing for their parents. While John has the excuse of being far away from home and having a sister who can do that for him (because as a woman, that’s her job), Elly is an hours’ drive from the assisted living complex where Jim spent his last days. You would have thought that someone who spent as much time as Elly did reminding her children that they had a responsibility to their parents would have done more than leave him in the company of an ignorant old woman who was too proud to ask for help and too in love with the idea of only listening to male authority figures to be a help to him but you’d be wrong. Not, of course, that Mike and Liz will be allowed to simply plop Elly in a retirement home when she gets too old to take care of herself; I should think that when her time comes, Mike will end up doing what the idiots on Crankshaft did and wrecking the resale value of his house to build her her own sweet suite. After all, he has a duty to take care of his elders. HUM!! Looks as if Jim isn't the only one who lost at family politics!! About the only two people who do win are John and Elly.

Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?, chinnuts, iris, mike patterson: universal idiot

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