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Latch-key Michael.

As you probably know by now, this month is when Lynn reprints the arc in which Elly gets her job as assistant assistant assistant librarian (and totally not a glorified temp who's destined to be replaced by a volunteer or student intern when the next budget cuts roll around.) What seems most telling is which Patterson has the most problem with her being gainfully employed outside the home. While Lizzie's no wan'Momma go and John's envying her eagerness do present a bit of a problem, the biggest black cloud on her horizon is Michael.

While it's fairly obvious that Elly would like to think that most of his problem is that he's a selfish little boy who expects her to be a happy slave who only exists to cater to his whims, it isn't nearly that cut and dried. The reason that he'd prefer her to not be out in public is less related to her making his life easier at the expense of whatever boring, dumb thing she says that she'd rather have done than bring him into the world and more his terror that she will do something that will expose him to ridicule. It's like watching Marc Tolon Brown's "Arthur" be a surly dick to his kid sister because he's terrified of being teased. In both cases, an oblivious, whiny clod thought his own fear of being teased meant more than the rights of another person.

That being said, his fear of anything like change cannot be denied. We are dealing with a member of a family who fears change and it shows. The same sort of default negativity that made Elly assume that the HR guy at Philpotts saw her as a joke to laugh at forever instead of 'underprepared and underqualified applicant seventy-eight' made Michael think that Elly's wanting to have a public identity could only be bad for everyone because it's not something that makes his own life easy. Odds are that the poor buffoon still has no idea that most of why Elly was so eager to 'improve' (that's 'fill his book up with glurge' in English) his books is sort of payback for his being a whiny, oblivious hindrance to her hopes and dreams. Hell! I don't even think that the bonehead realizes that he was being a surly, needy, whiny pain in the ass.

Tags: michael versus his parents, mike patterson: universal idiot

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