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Terrible Information and Scary Real-World Habits.

To continue on from where I left off yesterday, I'd like to contrast what it is that Elly fears about the Internet with what John fears. As history shows us, when first introduced to the internet, Elly didn't like the idea of chatting on-line with whoever happened to be there. This is because the person on the other end could be misrepresenting himself and leading Liz, Mike and April to their doom or stealing their information or what-have-you. This makes her sound a Hell of a lot like the poor, misguided souls who will not sign up for Facebook because they think that Mark Zuckerberg is selling off people's secrets for shits and giggles. What she loses sight of is that it would as easy for Mike to claim that he was a blonde nubile as it would the perverted horror freak the totally unbiased and not at all covering their own asses media makes her fear.

At least she fears what strangers will do to her children; that puts her ahead of John who fears what his own children will do if they learn things. This is because most of John's fear of the new technology has to do with his screwball nightmare fantasy of April being corrupted by terrifying information when it would be better for all concerned if she were as ignorant of the things that scare him as he is. The Picky-faced Martian Princess that he sees when he looks at the child Jim raised right could no sooner resist the siren song of porn, Nazi websites and murder simulation games than he could fly to the moon. The end result is that he ends up looking like the imbecile narrator in some Grade-D stinker exploitation film commissioned by the John Birch Society about how listening to rock music will turn children into communists. There's a long line of panicky idiots who fear what young people will do with knowledge and John is in the front row.

What's really annoying about all of this is not Elly's fear of random strangers and John's fear of his children. What's really annoying is that the two of them seem to have no problem whatsoever with something that horrifies me: Liz's habit of telling any random idiot where she live. In their minds and in Lynn's mind, it's so Lizardbreath and her new friend can send one another postcards. Doesn't matter that no one does that any more, in Lynn's world, people still write each other love notes instead of texting each other. Since I'm a person who fears for the heedless, the scenario that plays out in my mind has Canadian versions of Agents Hotchner and Rossi of "Criminal Minds" wonder what kind of idiot raised their child to give the freak that killed her her home address. That might make me as baselessly paranoid as they are but at least I admit that my fears are just that: my fears.

Then again, the Pattersons don't seem to know what they should be afraid of; time and again, they fear the wrong damned thing thinking that every normal person should fear it.
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