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Confirmation biases and how they lead to panic.....

To be fair to the Pattersons, it's not just not wanting to look in the mirror and see an asshole that makes them nurse useless, pointless and counterproductive fears. There is, after all, such a thing as a confirmation bias to contend with. People are rather poor at noticing the broader patterns that surround them and the Pattersons are no exception. As an example, let's look at April's annoying tendency to assume that Becky wants to use her alleged power as a supposed celebrity to somehow or other crush her and her family into the dirt despite a distinct lack of supporting evidence. It's not just her not wanting to admit that she's a jealous little girl kicking the shins of someone better than she is in frustration that keeps the animosity going. Becky makes the stupid mistake of doing things that April is only too happy to see in the dimmest possible light. She doesn't realize that she's doing them, she doesn't know that April sees her actions as a threat display and if you asked her, she'd tell you that April is a friend that she's had a temporary falling out with. All she does know is that April seems to be out of sorts for some unguessable reason and it bothers her.

The really stupid thing about this belief that everyone is out to get them is that it makes the Pattersons into a bunch of chumps. I'm not just talking about how April's life would have have been a lot more pleasant were she not labouring under the lunatic misapprehension that someone was going to crush her under her feet and laugh doing it. I'm talking about things like the Divala incident. Most of why Michael got up in arms has to do with his fear of being humiliated, of being made a puppet of someone else and, worst of all, of not getting the attention that he needs to feel alive. Strip after strip had him whine and gripe about how this Divala person wanted to shove him into the corner and take away his cook....credit. It never seemed to occur to him that Divala only started to hate him AFTER the Stalinist purge she was subjected to. It also never occurred to him that the woman simply saw him as what he was: an up-and-comer paying his dues paying a puff piece. If it weren't for his being raised to assume that people want to destroy him, he'd have been a damned sight better off. So would Divala. So would everyone.
Tags: the pattersons versus reality.

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