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Pattersons plus 100

Having reviewed the last few articles, it behooves me to acknowledge that Elly's fear set has evolved over the last thirty-three and one third years. Back in September 1979, Elly was paralyzed by the fear that she'd end up being just another housewife whose legacy was the children she brought into the world. What made things worse is that her husband and children didn't seem to notice or care. As with most people, time has changed who Elly is and what she wants out of life. Now that it's January 2013. the Elly who used to worry that she'd die anonymously is now simply worried that she'll end up being no earthly good to her family. Time has turned the grand dreams of being well-known into the lesser dream of not being a burden. The husband who used to be baffled by her need for a role outside the home and the son who thought she only wanted to not be a real mom to be a shit to him now see her for what she is: someone who desperately wants to matter to someone. That being said, thirty-three and one third years after today, she won't be afraid of anything because she'll be dead. As hoppytoad79 reminds us, her immediate family will remember her to one extent or another but beyond that, she'll simply be a name on a grave marker somewhere. Aside from Mike explaining to his grandchildren about how his mother always felt that life had cheated her and was right to think it, she will be just another dead person. Thirty-three and one third years after that and her children will start dying off and she'll be doubly forgotten. One hundred years from now, her life, her hopes and her dreams will mean as much to her descendants as Mickey Mouse's would. If they were aware of her at all, it would be as the result of Nana Meredith telling them about the time Gramma Elly said she was going to explode but didn't.

She's not alone in being doomed to being all but forgotten by people who view what little they know of her exploits through the prism of different values. What little the Pattersons of the twenty-second century know of John, Liz and April will be interpreted by their standards of behaviour, not ours. As it stands, Mike is the only Patterson whose name stands any chance of being remembered by someone not related to him when 2113 rolls around. The problem is that it won't be for something he'd feel especially proud of or reflect well on him. Given what happened in Stone Season, I would tend to suspect that he'd be lumped in with all the other authors of women's books that openly hate women. The literary critics of the era would not see him as he'd like to be seen but as just another chump who got all pouty because Mommy had to work to pay the bills and wrote books about how mommies have to stand around like shivering pillars of shit while lazy, selfish and short-tempered daddies ruin everyone else's lives because they're the man and can't be questioned. The only real difference between Harvey Rood and the standard 'hero' of modern-day chick lit is that he doesn't sparkle.
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