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The reality of Ted: a proposal.....

The interesting thing about all this business with Ted is that howtheduck read between the lines and came to the conclusion that Lynn's claim that Ted isn't based on reality is as big a lie as her claim that she made April up. Just as April is based on the Kate that actually existed instead of the Kate Lynn wished had been, it looks as if at least some of Ted is based on someone in Lynn Lake that Lynn hated.

This is because most of Lynn's claim that Lynn Lake was adultery central seems to be the result of the fact that when her friend Loretta Clarke's husband Robert left her for a woman named Eileen who he'd had an affair with, our hero was mildly disappointed that the townsfolk did not do their duty and burn the two of them at the stake. Since they didn't seem to see that it behooved them to treat a cheating cheater who cheats like a radioactive leper with Tourette's and since she didn't like how the man constantly told Rod to make that stand-offish Southerner not parade around like she was Lady Muck, she did what seemed right to her: she used the strip to nag Rod about what he should do. Thus was created Loser Ted who was made of fail because he didn't respect Elly's opinion.

What really sells the point is that after Lynn put a time zone in between her and that awful hick town where she wasn't appreciated, Ted became less of a factor in the strip. Every so often, he'd appear as a reminder of how lucky John was to have married a wonderful girl like Elly by showing us the high cost of freedom. Sort of too bad for Lynn that her prediction that the real Irene would certainly flee the horrible man was such a bust. The "poor" woman ended up as his widow.
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