dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Evils of Banality: John.

Elly isn't the only inconsiderate twit in her family, far from it. John is not only a selfish creep, he's also a total goober. As we've seen, he too fails to make any mental connection between the horrific burden he and his wife gutlessly force Iris to carry all by herself and Elly's report that she may show signs that indicate she may actually be upset. Anyway, they're dim enough to believe they can't do anything to fix things. He compounds his idiocy by praising her for not complaining which, as any major dude can tell you, is an act of superlative idiocy. The simpleton assumes that since she's reluctant to say anything that resembles a cry to help to these freaks, she doesn't complain ever. He then coerces Elly into servicing the only needs that matter to him: his. Over the last twenty-eight years, we've seen this dingus pull shit like this. Remember when Elly was cudgeling her brains trying to work out a family budget? Dumbass ignored all her chatter about the need to plan for a rainy day ('cause, you know, she had a uterus so her opinion was optional) and bought a shiny, shiny toy with the cash she'd earmarked for something they really needed. The peabrained would-be mastermind is the worst kind of buffoon there is, you see: a dunce who thinks he's clever. We know that he didn't fool April at all when he said that the Housening was just him 'spitballing' but that pompous muttonhead sure didn't. Since he has all the insight of a cinderblock, he confuses people's refusal to stick up for themselves as deference to his supergenius. You think it would be a good thing that his triumphs always blow up in his face but since he's too stubborn and stupid to learn a fucking thing from the disappointing collapses of his grand designs, it just means he bounces back up to do more damage. He's the disturbed and disturbing proof of a Japanese proverb: "Only death can cure a fool!"
Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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