dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The unseen implications of "Ted's In"

As we know, Lynn really, really hates the idea of having her characters living together. The fear that not making a big problem out of some (evil, conflict-causing) man "coercing" a "helpless" woman into having sex without first giving her the token that says she's taken will make her late mother rise from the dead so that she can personally disown her is responsible for a lot of annoying plot lines. From Elly screaming blue murder because Jim and Marian said it was okay that Phil didn't put a ring on it to her whining because Liz was playing house with that ass-grabbing hockey player and Deanna blackmailing her mother with the threat of living in sin, we're dealing with a person who doesn't like to talk about the issue unless it's to condemn it.

The reason I reminded you of this is that in a recent strip, she declared that at one point, Ted and Connie were allegedly living together. This came as something of a surprise because even though Lynn likes to assume that everyone knows exactly what she knows, she also likes to bludgeon her antagonists over the head. We should have spent weeks listening to Elly run her mouth about how awful Ted was being to poor Connie; instead, our sole hint is a strip that has a line of dialogue that makes his presence at Connie's place a special occasion. What this means is that either Lynn is thinking we read minds or she forgot which awful people were defying everything.
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