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Elly's fear of helplessness and how it messes up her life.

Now that we're in what we call the dead of winter and football is about to give way to a lockout-foreshortened hockey season, let's take a good long look at the Elly Patterson of 2013. If you imagine her as being active in any sense that doesn't involve cooking, cleaning and staring at the phone wishing that she could hear human voices so that she knows for sure who she's speaking to, you've got a better imagination than I do. As I said last year or so, Elly simply cannot seem to stir herself to engage in any sort of winter-time sports. She can't ski, she can't skate, snowmobiles terrify her even more than motorcycles do, she dislikes hockey because bad players like Mike are told to their face that they suck and she doesn't see the loss of time she could spend with her family as a problem.

Fortunately, we're dealing with a visual medium so we can see why Elly is terrified. When she tries skiing or skating, she tends to land on her arse because no one taught her how to walk on slick surfaces. You would thus assume that her fear of being laughed at forever and her hatred of anything that requires consistent effort over long periods of time are what make skating and skiing something she watches from the sidelines. That is a fair amount of the problem but, as always, there's more. The anger with which she lectured Michael when he took her snowmobiling clearly comes from having been scared out of her meager wits. After all, without seatbelts, airbags, a roll cage and other safety devices, she could have gotten hurt and left to shift for herself. This is because our girl thinks that while the injury of her child or husband means that she's supposed to drop everything and spend all her time as caregiver, the instant she gets injured, she'll end up like Ol'Yeller. This take-Fredo-out-to-the-boathouse complex of herself has her so wound up about getting hurt that her life is less fun than it could be.
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