dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Sons and daughters of Foob.

Mike and Liz are further proof that being a bad person makes you stupid. Let's dispose of the Delicate Genius so we can get to the good stuff, shall we? Running into a burning building to get a laptop? Dumb move. Turning down house after house because you wanna crawl up your Mom's birth canal? Sheer idiocy! Saying buying a house is even worse than getting married when you're lookinng at your wife??? D-U-M, DUMB!! Thinking buying a home is an inhuman ordeal? Laziness and stupidity. Running away from your kids when things get tough so that you've set yourself up to fail when they REALLY need you? Not only is it hateful and selfish, it's act of complete dunderheadedness. Sadly, he shares a mental trait with his kid sister: a complete lack of self-knowledge. If you were to tell this idiot about someone named 'Fred Head' who pulled off all the dick moves he has over the last few years, he'd wanna kill the bastard. Point out that he's the same kind of douche, he'll angrily deny it. It's the same thing with Liz. She thinks she has a sense of humor when, in fact, laughter at her expense doesn't cause her to ruefully chuckle at a just-recoginzed folly but an outburst of blind rage at the person who dares puncture her inflated ego. She loves children when they make her feel good about herself but has no use for them otherwise. (Like brother, like sister.) She boasts about how good she is with money when her idea of financial planning is paying off her Visa with her MasterCard. She has the attention span of a hummingbird on crystal meth but blathers about her fidelity and ability to make long term commitments. I could go on but you get the point.
Tags: foobs vs common decency, liz: whining martyr, mikerobe: the universal infant

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