dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Misaimed Nostalgia..

As we're about to see, Elly is about to protest a bit too much when she expresses incredulity that John could ever question both her abiding love for all children and her infinite reserves of patience. The reason she does so is because of the fifth factor that keeps the Pattersons from remembering the past properly. As I said when I wrote about how Elly honestly believes that she was a loving, kind, firm, fair and understanding mother, she shares their tendency to think "Back then, nothing bothered me but now, things do." This tendency to not remember that their pasts sucked seems to be a contributing factor to the on-going war between Mike and Lizzie. It is fairly obvious that Mike honestly believes that Elly only started yelling at him and whining about how she feels trapped after Lizzie arrived; the idea that she always did that would mean that he's effect and cause all mixed up and thus been angry with Lizzie for a silly reason.

What this means is that he might just think that before Point X in time, he didn't find whatever Elly was doing at the time an embarrassment but since Y happened, that's changed now. He also remembers himself as always having been a supportive son and never having given his parents grief about doing chores and school-work. There's a man like that we know who loves to bark orders at his children because of his own belief that he was a wonder-child: John.
Tags: child rearing disasters, the pattersons versus reality.

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