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Elly at work: the real issue

Having reviewed my essay about Mike’s distorted look at the past, it would seem that I forgot something. I forgot that he lives at the Pattermanse and that he has children old enough to make the library something of a home. This lapse of logic blinded me to the fact that Sue and her friends are still around to take exception to anything self-serving he might say about Elly making him join the ranks of the deprived. He might not like being called “a sullen, selfish, thoughtless little prick who didn't give a rat’s ass about his mother's feelings of being trapped at home because he was too worried about his own petty, stupid needs to care” (and might no doubt wish to sue Sue for definition of character) but he might be interested to learn what it is that she actually did. Having to realize that due to his own being a clod, it took him twenty-nine years to realize that most people saw him as a surly little twerp who hated his mother would probably occasion the same sort of sleepless night Elly’s tendency to run off at the mouth left her to deal with. That being said, the fact that it took equally long to ask “What exactly did Mom DO?” would not.

It should have, though. It definitely should have occurred to him to ask himself what his mother does. It should also have occurred to Lynn to show us what Elly did but, sadly, it never happened. We saw Elly talking about her job, going to conferences, using it as a platform to complain about the arena expansion but never once did we see her do anything at the library. It’s like how we never saw Deanna actually being a pharmacist. In both cases, the point of the whole thing was to give her a paycheque and over-work to complain about.

Tags: lynn versus the real world

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