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Gordon the bad influence.....

Now that we're leaving the Elly-gets-a-paying-job arc behind us, I'd like to take a moment to talk about another way in which the Pattersons' inability to remember the past properly makes chumps of them. As we all know, John and Elly claim to have always loved Gordon and thought him a capital fellow. John sees him as the get-up-and-go type he wishes Mike was and Elly loves how he's given wonderful Anthony a place to work. The problem is that for the longest time, Elly thought of him as something of a hoodlum. We're about to see Gordon 'corrupt' Michael by taking him down to the Scary, Evil, Alarmist Bullshit Arcade of Doom so that he can learn swears and play murder simulator noise machines that aren't evil merely because Lynn lacks the patience and coordination to be good at them.

This, I think, is because Lynn was trying in her own way to be an attentive parent. She might not know who Aaron's friends were or what they were like but she could at least warn him to stay away from the wrong sort. The problem was that by doing so, she might have made it hard for him to actually keep friends. No child wants to have hundreds of people tell him what a bad kid he is just so some unworldly child-woman can misuse a national forum to nag her family.
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