dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Aaron's glasses, Lizzie's glasses.....

If a person wanted to disabuse him- or herself of the notion that the Pattersons and Johnstons lived identical lives, the best way that he or she could have done this before the Lynnsights showed up was to read the collections. The essays that Aaron and Katie wrote for Suddenly Silver have as a common theme that they did not live Mike and Lizzie's lives. While they had active social circles, Lynn's absence as a factor in their daily lives meant that just as there was no one "Deanna", there was not a real "Lawrence", "Anthony" or "Gordon" in their lives. The one thing that I can actively recall is the discovery that the Liz-gets-glasses arc actually happened to Aaron. Rather than have to relive the trauma all over again, he had his teasing assigned to the aspect of his mother's mind that allows itself to feel inferior.
Tags: the pattersons aren't the johnstons

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