dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Growing Up Stupid Under The Red Ensign: the 2013 edition.

The really irritating thing about the Mike-gets-locked-out arc is that in about four months or so, we have to go through it all over again. That's because Elly's super-intelligent contingency plan for her running late involves Mike having to have to go over to the Nichols house because she simply will not trust anyone who doesn't pay taxes with a key. When he expresses his resentment at not being trusted and being forced to play with babies, Elly's reaction is to assume sight-unseen that he wants to chain her to the kitchen because he's a selfish monster who hates her. It also leads into a foreshadowing of the Exile Farm arc because John comes up with the clever solution of shipping him off to Vancouver to adjust his attitude. In both cases, a small child reacting as a small child would in that situation is treated as a problem because he acts as if he doesn't know something that he can't possibly know.

Whence comes this tendency to put small children on the spot and then get angered when they fail to act as a parent wants them to? Judging from what Lynn's said in the past, it seems that she was raised to think that a small child is just a sort of short adult who is magically supposed to know things that someone her age simply cannot. What's more, when said small child acts like a small child, that's not something that happens, that's a terrible moral failing that he or she has to feel guilty about forever and always. Since Lynn internalized the idea that not doing what Mommy and Daddy wanted when they wanted it was a sign of wickedness and ingratitude that she had to atone for forever, we see Elly get pissed off at Mike because he's a chaos-loving, mother-hating monster who selfishly refused to do things that sane people couldn't possibly see him doing. Eventually, he has to twist his whole life around to make up for it.
Tags: elly versus her family

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