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"Who wants a change?"

The one thing that really bothers me about all of the hullabaloo that's going to happen this summer is that we're getting something of a foreshadowing of the way they treated April during the Housening. As it was six years ago, twenty-nine years ago, it was assumed sight-unseen that Michael's motives are one hundred percent selfish. Right now, we're looking at reprints that have Mike standing around terrified about being locked out on a winter day. In June, we're going to be looking at reprints that have Mike upset because Elly won't trust him with a key because of her default assumption that he and his friends will ransack the Pattermanse. In both cases, Mike's anger isn't directed at the real problem (which is the fear John and Elly have that he will bring chaos and ruin into their lives) but what he sees as the cause of his misery: the change imposed on him that he isn't allowed to question. To him, he's being asked to give up the life he's used to without getting anything in return but snarling about what a horrible, selfish little boy he is if he objects in the least.

What Elly doesn't seem to want to face is that Michael doesn't see her world opening up because he's too busy being told that his world has to close down a little and he just has to lump it. She also doesn't want to remember that Michael has never had a change in his life that made it better to be him. Lynn doesn't realize it but she dedicated a whole arc to the fact that when they were expecting Lizzie, they expected Mike to adapt to the change as quickly as they did; as we've seen, that didn't work out so well because the instant he said anything that suggested he wasn't thrilled about it, he ended up getting lectured in stereo about what a jerk he was. Factor in that Elly expected him to be a caregiver at an early age and you can see why he's what Lynn calls 'conservative' and what I call 'justifiably gunshy'. In his mind, Mom's freedom has to mean that he has to give more of his childhood up.
Tags: elly versus her family, michael versus his parents

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