dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

'Evil is not cool and good is not dumb': Spotlight on Anthony Caine.

As we saw Saturday, evil, real evil isn't grand or majestic. It's sort of squalid and disgusting as proven by the two blockhead 'protagonists' cretinously muttering about how bad Iris's life is while never stopping to consider if they could drop whaever worthless things they're doing and help out. Nasty AND stupid. By her excessive focus on the unpalatable figure of Anthony, Lynn plans to immerse us in the life story of another pathetic, immoral imbecile in a few week's time. While I'm sure that all the chattering nitwits who think the disgusting, third-rate substitue for a real relationship he and Eliabeth have is some sort of grand romance are about to post their irrational, illiterate screeds in the key of 'I told you so' about the 'real' story of our Mister Caine, I'm gonna take his side of the story with a grain of salt the size of the Chrysler Building. That's the thing about telling a story in flashbacks Lynn does not seem to have taken into consideration: it's an ideal vehicle for the propagation of bullshit. Without independent confirmation from a third party who was actually there and has no interest in Anthony's day to day life, his take on events is strictly hearsay and should not be accepted at face value. We have no real idea what Therese actually thinks about anything and with him telling her story, we aren't going to. She might have sort of wanted a child despite her protestations otherwise and, as babsbybend said, succumbed to post-partum depression. Anthony doesn't know that and probably wouldn't care even if he did. All he saw is her not bonding with the child. Did she need helo? Who knows? It ain't like he cared about her anyway. All he wanted was a child to attract the immature freak he was pining away for while he was married to someone else. It sort of sickens me that the pasty-faced creep poses as the victim in the story when what we've seen of him makes it obvious that his ex-wife is much more sinned against than sinning. I should think that by leaving Anthony and his wall-to-wall Liz worship, she's far more worthy of respect than the idiot maligning her or the sap eager to believe the worst. Let's just say that Liz ain't the only one who traded gold for lead here.
Tags: blandthony, sitting duck therese

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