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Mom says love is a pain

Now that Valentine's Day has arrived, I think it's pretty much appropriate to talk about how Elly's toxic personality messes things up for her children. The best place to start is, of course, the Sunday strip in which she is seconds away from getting all snippy and wounded because the kids make a nice card for Grandma and not for her. This tells me that Elly spends most Valentine's Days more pissed off than usual owing to her children not paying her the tribute she thinks she deserves. Given what a creepy narcissist she is, she isn't ever going to be happy with what they give her because her need to feel slighted and miserable will always make that which others have look shinier and better.

While that is bad in and of itself, it's not nearly as destructive as her habit of sharing "love" stories that reinforce her children's fears. As by way of example, you will no doubt have noticed that whenever we see Mike dealing with his girlfriend du jour, our lad always makes the foolish mistake of assuming that anything that might go wrong is owing to the "fact" that the someone he's attracted to is trying to make a great big fool out of him when that isn't really the case. While he's probably talking smack about Martha and Rhetta to Meredith as we speak, let's remind ourselves that he's spewing libelous slander because his paranoid fixation on the idea that they were just playing a trick on him blind him to the truth. Martha can tell him that Janet and her friends told her that she couldn't not share notes and be friends and Rhetta could point to the example of Lizthony until they were blue in the mouth but they do so in vain. This is because the only stories Elly told him that he remembered were the ones where she got teased and fooled. Since he's still the same gullible clod he was back when Gordon was renting his skates, he doesn't realize that he's the catspaw of a charismatic lunatic who likes having someone in her life who can outrage her mother.

Of course, Elly's whining about being teased by a cruel person who she gave her heart to weren't the only occasion in which she said the wrong thing. Her wistful sighing about a doomed long-distance 'love' and Connie's inability to realize that Da Silva wouldn't stoop to wash dishes for a living so that a crazy-ass nitwit Franco-Ontarian could outrage her ethnic stereotype parents were the wrong thing to say to Liz what with her fear of being abandoned. Most of why her relationships withered and died had its start in Elly howling about how it hurt to know that another person she'd turned into the one and only let his heart go wander. I'm convinced that if Elly hadn't filled Lizzie's head up with nonsense stories about girls in every heliport and cop shop, Liz would not be stuck servicing the whining goober her self-serving parents like.

This means that it's a fairly good thing that Elly doesn't think it worth her time to share her life with April. That way, Mom can't screw the Creature's life up any worse than she already has.
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